Textured Faux Finish Using Hair Barrettes

Textured Faux Finish Using Hair Barrettes

I bought silver tins at a thrift store recently and I wasn’t sure what to do with them. This is one of the projects that I came up with.

How to clone my project:

1. Gather your materials. 


-Plain metal box (or any container that you want to decorate)


-E6000 adhesive

-Cream colored paint (acrylic or house paint is fine)

-Paint or sponge brush

-Golden/ rusty colored nail polish (and possibly a mauve color)


2.Cut off the thin end of the plastic barrettes so that only the shapes remain. You may also want to snip off any bumps on the back of the shape so that it is easier to stick onto your container.



3. Once you have all of your shapes ready, glue them to your container using E6000 adhesive. (I only glued them to the lid of my container to keep it simple, but feel free to get wild and cover the entire container.) Let the glue dry overnight. The longer you allow the glue to dry, the better.

-Remember to do this in a well ventilated area because this glue can be quite noxious when used in enclosed spaces.



4. Paint the container using your cream colored paint. (I used two coats of acrylic paint for mine.) 


5. To create the faux rust finish, add splotches of color using your golden brown/rust colored nail polish. (For my container, I used a mauve-pink color  and a rusty-golden brown.)




6. Let the nail polish dry and Voila!



7. OPTIONAL STEP: Use a clear spray varnish if you would like in order to set the paint. 

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