Nerdy Crafts: DIY Comic Book Lamp Shade

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Today’s post is about a fun project that I did involving old scraps of comic books and mod podge. My interest in decoupage stems from when I was a young girl cutting up magazines and pasting pictures of celebrities to my tiny guitar case. These days, I’m using Mod Podge instead of Elmer’s glue and comic book scraps instead of J-14 magazine clippings. (Does anyone remember those? Are they still around?)

Here is a simple DIY tutorial on how to turn a boring old lamp into something super awesome. After that, I included some other comic book projects that were borne of my Mod Podge frenzy.

As promised, a DIY.

Nerdy Crafts: DIY Comic Book Lamp Shade



  • Comic Books (more accurately, cut up comic books)

  • Scissors

  • Mod Podge

  • Foam Brush/s (1-2)

  • A Lamp w/ a durable (preferably non fabric) lamp shade


1. Cut up your comics. For this project, I cut out interesting images from my old Birds of Prey comics. I also cut up random strips and geometric shapes to fill the gaps in between images.

2. Pour a good amount of Mod Podge on a disposable plate and begin applying it to the surface of the lamp shade using your foam brush. Work quickly, pasting one image at a time onto the shade. After you stick an image on the shade, coat it with a thin layer of Mod Podge to seal it to the surface. Use the small comic book scraps to fill the entire surface of the lamp shade. (Make sure to smooth things down as you go, and work quickly… bubbles happen.)


3. Once the entire thing is covered, coat it with a thick layer of Mod Podge. Let it dry and coat it again. You may want to do this several times until you are confident that the pages are stuck to the shade. I coated mine 4 times.


Now as I said, I went into a sort of frenzy. I had tons of scraps left over and almost 3/4 of the bottle of Mod Podge left so… I made these things.

3 4 5

UPDATE: Here are some of my more recent comic book craft projects.

Nerdy Crafts: DIY Comic Book Flowers


Nerdy Crafts: Comic Book Guitar

Let's begin.
Mod Podged Comic Book Guitar 

As always, thanks so much for taking the time to read this post.

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31 thoughts on “Nerdy Crafts: DIY Comic Book Lamp Shade

  1. I have sooooo many comic books I don’t want and aren’t really worth anything – this would be a fun way to dispose of some of them. I bet any one of the things you made would sell – for example, i am always tempted by stuff with Captain America on it… I might have to try this on my boring eyeglass cases

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