A Painting Named Sakura

Hello Citizens of the Blogosphere!

Today’s post is a short show and tell of my latest creation that I call Sakura. (Sakura is a common Japanese name that in English means “Cherry Blossom”.) I wanted to create a portrait style piece of an interesting character…so I put my creativity cap on,  grabbed a canvas and some acrylic paint and went to work.

Here is how I would describe the piece if it was hanging in a gallery and someone happened to take interest in it. (Delivered in my best possible PBS voice.)

The feminine figure stares directly at the viewer, her eyes wide open and interested. She is dressed in a kimono and wears elaborate makeup on her pale white face. Her eyes are a rich blue, contrasting with the rest of the piece which conforms to the same red, white and black color scheme. The figure is surrounded with sinuous lines that extend outward, opening up the composition. The lines take the form of black curves that represent both hair and tree branches covered in cherry blossoms.  The large cherry blossom depicted in the bottom-left-hand-corner of the piece is another point of origin for outward flowing lines, that take the form of red ribbons. Pearls decorate the space in between the ribbons, representing class, status and  elegance.

And now for final product:

me and love 2
I just had to take a picture with my dog Lovely…because I’m quirky like that.
me pho
Some girl just photo-bombed this picture of my painting!
geisha 4
And finally…. this is how the piece looks hanging off my shelf.

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As always, thank you so much for taking time to read this post!


Copyright Notice:

Sakura. Copyright. Annotated Audrey. 2013 ©

All images contained in this post are copyrighted by the artist. All rights reserved. Please do not use this image without permission.

I encourage you to share this image, but if you do please give me credit as I worked hard to create this piece.

Thank You!

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