Audrey’s Gallery Project: Three Stories that The Moon Told

Hello Wanderers, Dreamers, and Make Believers.

Have you ever stared at the moon?

Given the curiosity of our species, it seems a natural tendency to gaze upon such a large glowing object in the sky with wonder in our eyes.

These images rely on the iconography of the moon to convey their stories to the viewer. These are the first three images of the new gallery series I am working on entitled “Stories that The Moon Told.” All pieces in this gallery will be ink illustrations on cardstock that will be colored using various colored pencils.

1. Odette with Swan and  Moon: The first image is an homage to The Swan Princess movie that I watched as a child, which was based on Swan Lake. Cheesy as the movie may be, with its fragmented story and outlandish musical numbers, I loved it as a child.

Odette weeps, as she has been turned into a swan by an evil curse. On nights when the full moon hits the lake, she returns to her human form only to be plagued by loneliness and memories of a lost love.

od 1
Odette with Swan and Moon. Copyright. Annotated Audrey. 2013 ©

For more information about this movie, you can visit:

If you have an Amazon Prime account, you can watch it for free:

2. Red and The Wolf: The second image was inspired by the story of little red riding hood as interpreted by the minds behind the hit ABC show, Once Upon A Time. In this iteration of the story,  little red riding hood is a grown woman, who actually turns into a blood thirsty wolf.

This image portrays Red wearing a magical hood, which inhibits her from turning into the wolf. Red gazes at the full moon knowing that even though her cloak protects her from a beastly transformation, the wolf is still haunts her inside.

od 2
Red and The Wolf. Copyright. Annotated Audrey. 2013 ©

You can watch Once Upon A Time on Hulu!:

3.  Desolate Vampire : The third image portrays a feminine vampire in front of a dark castle.  She is inspired by the many vampires portrayed in one of my favorite shows of all time Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

This is the story that my mind conceptualized as I was working on this piece: The vampire escapes her castle to catch a glimpse of the sunset, and as the sun goes down, the moon appears in an amber sky. Her eyes search for a companion in the stillness.

od 3
Desolate Vampire. Copyright. Annotated Audrey. 2013 ©

Check out my initial drawing for this image here, you’ll see it underwent quite a transformation:

You can watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer on Hulu!

That’s all I have for now… but I will be working on similar pieces in the future, so stay tuned. If you have any suggestions about stories that I could derive inspiration from, please feel free to leave them for me in the comment section below. 

As always, thank you so much for taking time to read this post!


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Copyright Notice:

All images contained in this post are copyrighted by the artist. All rights reserved. Please do not use these images without permission.

I encourage you to share these images, but if you do please give me credit as I worked hard to create these pieces.

Thank You!

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