When Pretty Girls Become Monsters

Hello Citizens of the Blogosphere,

I come to you today with a short and spooky post in honor of Halloween.

Last year, in celebration of All Hallows’ Eve I created a Halloween themed coloring book by taking some of my illustrations and transforming them into various costume ideas.

If you haven’t seen my Halloween Coloring book, you can do so by clicking on the link below.

Annotated Audrey’s Halloween Coloring Book

This year, I thought it might be fun to transform two of my female characters into monsters using various coloring and shading techniques.

Cassidy Becomes a Zombie by Annotated Audrey Art
Cassidy Becomes a Zombie by Annotated Audrey Art

First up is Cassidy.

After a lifetime of living the simple life on her parent’s farm, Cassidy’s aspirations of becoming a writer bring her to the big city. Unfortunately, she finds that her new home is infected by a horrible virus that is quickly turning it’s inhabitants zombies.

Her skin turns pale and quickly decays.

Her clothes, once pretty and pink, are stained and covered in blood and dirt.

Her eyes, once bright and green, are red and bloodshot.

The bright colors that once surround her darken.

Her mind and soul leave her body and the beautiful girl becomes a monster.

Poor thing.

Queen Kate the Sea Witch by Annotated Audrey Art
Queen Kate the Sea Witch by Annotated Audrey Art


Next, we come to the lonely tale of Queen Kate.

Queen Kate, a beautiful and charming monarch, one day embarks on a long voyage. While on this voyage, her ship is met by a vicious storm that slaughters her entire crew.

Miraculously, she survives the massacre because she is transformed into a creature unlike anything she could have imagined.

Her skin turns blue and erupts in scales.

Her luxurious amber locks are tainted blue.

Unable to return to the life she once knew, she is trapped in isolation under the deep blue sea.

What a shame.


Thoughts on the aftermath…

I really enjoyed this experiment because it made me think about how the use of color can really alter your perception of a character. Bright colors tend to represent lightness or innocence, while dark colors tend to symbolize gloomier or more insidious characters.

That’s all for now.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post.


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19 thoughts on “When Pretty Girls Become Monsters

  1. Incredible. I love the creativity in this, and the transformation before our eyes. I’ll show this to my 10-year-old. She wants to be a zombie for halloween and will get some great ideas from this!


  2. I love this concept, and your Cassidy picture reminded me of a creepy dream I had. I had flowers growing all over my skin, like a horrible rash. They were itchy, and all these pretty little petals were just popping out of my skin and I couldn’t pull them out because they would pull out the skin with them.
    But I like being scared 🙂 Thanks for reminding me!


  3. There’s a fine line between real and caricature, and you are just on the real side.It is good to find someone who can make real people pop out of a page. I like the faces. And thanks for following my blog. There have been many artists in my family, but the genes have skipped me!


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