This is Halloween- More Spooky Transformations

Hello Citizens of The Blogosphere,

As my previous post was pretty popular, I thought it might be fun to try it again!

As such, I come to you today with even more spooky transformations and very short spooky stories to go with them.

Ghost by Annotated Audrey

A Ghost In the Night

Meridith was a lonely princess who lived in a large castle.

One day, while she was staring out of her window, she saw a large egg resting on a tree branch. In her curiosity, she decided to climb the tree to get a closer look.

When she reached the egg, she noticed that it was inching its way towards the edge of the branch. In an attempt to save the egg, she grasped it in her arms and began to climb down.

In an unfortunate turn of events, she slipped and fell.

Seconds away from death, the egg began to rattle and a small red dragon emerged from the shell. The dragon quickly enveloped Meridith in a sea of scarlet flames and the life returned to her body once more. As the flames left the creature’s body, he grew weak and began to lose his color.

Saddened by his sacrifice, Meredith held the dragon close to her and began to weep. As her tears touched the dragon’s skin, the life force was transferred once again.

From that day forward, Meredith and the dragon shared the mystical flame that gave them life.

While during the day, the life force belongs to Meredith, at night it belongs to the dragon and she roams the castle as a ghost.


wolf by annotated audreyThe Wolf Inside

Laila was a dreamer ever since she was a child. As she grew older, she focused on her talents and decided to work really hard at becoming a singer.

Most nights, Laila sang at a Jazz club downtown. Other nights she sang at karaoke bars, hoping to get discovered.

One night while Laila was walking home after work,  she was attacked by a giant shadowy figure. The next morning, she  awoke in an alley with a giant bloody gash on her arm.

She wasn’t sure of exactly what happened to her, all she could remember after the attack was the sound of howling in her ear.

Traumatized by this horrific incident, she refused to leave her bed. She stopped doing anything. She even stopped singing.

On the night of the next full moon, she met her attacker.

It was the vicious wolf that now took hold of her body.


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