Easy DIY: How to Make Stamps out of Erasers and Foam

Hello Citizens of the Blogosphere,

I love stamping and I’ve been really into using different stamps and inks to adorn my cards or mixed media art.

Although there are some really great stamps out there…

  1. I feel somewhat uncomfortable using someone else’s design elements in my work.

  2. The cost of buying a variety of stamps can add up over time.

  3. I like making things!

With all these things in mind, I decided to try to make my own stamps using some basic supplies that I had on hand.


Here’s what I used…


Here’s what I did…

Step-By-Step Process:

Step 1:  Choose your surface. (For these stamps, I used an old eraser, foam sheets and foam stickers leftover from Valentine’s Day.)

Step 2: Figure out what design you want to make and sketch it onto the surface.

Step 3: Cut out the basic shape using your scissors. (If you are using foam, layer about 3 sheets to make your stamps stronger. Don’t forget to use some sort of adhesive to keep the layers together.)

Step 4: Use an X-acto knife to carve out details. (Remember, the raised areas will show up when you stamp.)

Step 5: Stick the eraser or foam stamp to a flat surface to make it easier to use.  (I used old Tupperware parts and candle jar lids.)

Step 6: Grab some ink and start stamping!

Check out this gallery of all the stamps I made..

 I really enjoyed this project! Actually, I enjoyed it so much that I purchased a Speedball Speedy Carve Stamp Making Kit so that I could try carving more detailed designs. Stay tuned to see how that project turns out.

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20 thoughts on “Easy DIY: How to Make Stamps out of Erasers and Foam

  1. I was born and raised in Los Angeles too. I did college in Arizona but High School in The Valley being a Valley girl. I remember my uncle had me using balled up paper towels and black ink has stamp art drawing a picture out of the paper towel stamps. It is fun stamp art.


  2. what a great tutorial! i just posted one on my blog that is a bit more ‘printmake-y’ in nature (the stamps are larger), but i love seeing your smaller stamps that have so many applications!


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