Colored Pencil Review: Derwent Inktense Pencils

Hello Citizens of the Blogosphere,

If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll know that a couple of weeks ago, I had a lot of fun with watercolor paints. (Check out my adventures in watercolor here.)

When I heard about the Derwent Inktense pencils (water soluble colored pencils), I just had to try them. As such, I bought a tin of twenty four Inktense pencils and a set of 3 water brushes and let the creativity flow.

annotated audrey derwent review
Derwent Inktense Pencils! Follow me on Instagram! @annotatedaudrey

Here’s the skinny on these pencils…

  • Who makes them? Derwent 

  • What are they? They are colored pencils that turn into ink when you wet them.

  • Why I like them? I really like how the Inktense pencils combine the precision of artist grade colored pencils with the fluidity of watercolor.

 Tips, Tricks and Art 

Use a light wash and let your line art shine through. 

For this piece, I used the Inktense pencils to lightly color in Orora’s hair and clothing. Then, I activated the colors using a waterbrush. By adding layers of water, you can pull up some of the color so that the details of your line art come through.

Orora By Annotated Audrey
Orora. Copyright. Annotated Audrey. 2015©

Layer colors to make them more vivid.

For this Game of Thrones inspired piece, I created the initial drawing in graphite and then added a wash of color.  After letting the paper dry, I layered more color on top. I finished the piece using my Faber Castell Polychromos colored pencils, permanent markers and gel pens.

Daenerys by annotated audrey
Daenerys: Before and After.

Get yourself a water brush. 

I would recommend buying a water brush (or a set of water brushes) to go with the Inktense pencils. Water brushes are portable, self contained and make clean up a breeze.

I made these two illustrations a while back and never got around to coloring them. (You can find the black and white versions here.) I didn’t think regular colored pencils or markers were the right fit, so I left them black and white. After I saw what these pencils could do, I decided to finally add the color these illustrations deserved.

Florence by Annotated Audrey
Florence In Bloom. Copyright. Annotated Audrey. 2015©
Galaxia by Annotated Audrey
Nova. Copyright. Annotated Audrey. 2015©

In Closing…

I really liked these pencils a lot and I can’t wait to add them to my artist travel kit! Oh yeah and they come in block form… and I’m so trying those too!

sign off

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Copyright Notice:

All images contained in this post are copyrighted by the artist. All rights reserved. Please do not use these images without permission.

I encourage you to share these images, but if you do please give me credit as I worked hard to create these pieces.

Thank You!

3 thoughts on “Colored Pencil Review: Derwent Inktense Pencils

  1. Wow, I totally dig your aesthetic. The fine details, backgrounds, textures. Very cool. Is it ok if pin some of these to my Pinterest? (Giving your blog credit and including a link, or course.) Totally cool if not, just wanted to ask. I keep a file of inspirational textiles there. I include art in that category.


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