Bookmarks for Library Appreciation Week

Hello Citizens of the Blogosphere,

Next week is library appreciation week (April 12-18, 2015). It is a week long event where library patrons can show appreciation for libraries, books and reading in general. Find out more from the American Library Association’s website.

I owe a lot to libraries. In college, I spent hours reading, learning and creating within the walls of my school library.It was my favorite place to go, even when I didn’t have to study. It was a quiet place where I had access to Wi-Fi and a variety of books. It was my sanctuary- a space where I could learn and be creative without the hum of blenders or espresso machines in the background.

In celebration of Library Appreciation Week, I decided to make bookmarks.

In addition to being useful to people like me who still occasionally read books made of paper, bookmarks provide the maker with an opportunity to test out different techniques and get creative. As a result, bookmarks can become miniature pieces of unique art.

Here are some of the techniques I used to make my bookmarks.

  • I layered cut up book pages, comic book pages, patterned paper and prints of my own illustrations.
  • I used dye based inks to add splashes of color to an otherwise plain background.
  • I stamped images, inspirational phrases or quotes onto the bookmarks to add interest.
  • I used acrylic paint to make my own mini paintings.

Here are some of the bookmarks I made.

Since I had all these cute new bookmarks, I needed somewhere to keep them. I got this makeup kit for my birthday. Doesn’t this box kinda look like a book?


Here’s what I did to the box to make it really look like a book.

Libraries have been a source of information, inspiration and motivation for me. I hope that this post inspires you to visit a library sometime soon or perhaps make some bookmarks and get reading.

sign off

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13 thoughts on “Bookmarks for Library Appreciation Week

  1. I have always loved libraries and at school my librarian new it too, so she would let me check out books even when she wasn’t there. I love this article and totally agree.


  2. I read a lot. These bookmarks are wonderful. I am afraid I usually use scraps of paper torn off something else to mark my place. These inspire me to do better for my books!

    I began using the library 50 years ago and it’s still my favorite place on earth. I think I found it a refuge.

    Love what you are doing and Happy Library week to all of us.


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