Art @ Lunch: Lulu

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I work in an office from 8-5 on weekdays, so I typically don’t have much time for art during the week. As such, I’ve taken to creating art at lunch. In addition to increasing the amount of art I can create per week, it really helps to break up the monotony and get my creative juices flowing during the day. This piece is an example of an art project that I created during the course of four of my lunch breaks. I call her Lulu.

Lunch Break #1: The Pencil Drawing (1 hour)

To create the drawing, I used a Dixon Ticonderoga pencil, an eraser and a 25 x 30.5 inch sheet of thin white paper that I taped to a presentation board for stability.

01 00

Lunch Break #2: Watercolor Wash (40 minutes)

When I’m creating art at lunch, I need to take my supplies with me to work everyday. To keep things compact, I created a mini watercolor kit using an Altoids tin, bottle caps and watercolor paints. To supplement my kit, I carry my Pentel water brush, which keeps things nice and clean. On this particular lunch break, I added my first layer of color to the image.


Lunch Break #3: More Watercolor (40 minutes)

Using the same watercolor kit, I added another layer of color onto the page. Since the paper I used is not meant for watercolor, I decided to take things slowly and let layers dry completely before layering more color on top.

08 09

Lunch Break #4: Detail (30 minutes)

As my last and final step, I added detail to the piece using permanent markers and pens.


 As always, thanks so much for taking the time to read this post.

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And now… that’s all she wrote. (Literally.)

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