DIY Washi Tape Mini Album

Hello Citizens of The Blogosphere,

 Last week, I showed you the mini album I made to celebrate my engagement. If you haven’t seen last week’s post, go ahead and check it out by clicking on the image below.

00 cover

Although I’ve been making mini albums for a while now, I typically bind them using ribbon or string. Like this one, that I made for my grandma when she was sick.

Click on the image to read more about it.

For this album, I was inspired to try something a little different.  A while back I watched a tutorial by The Frugal Crafter (aka Lindsay) where she made her own notebooks.  In the tutorial, she shares a technique on how to use washi tape to bind the pages together.

Here’s The Video That Inspired Me

 I love watching Lindsay’s videos because she always shares interesting projects and unique ways to use supplies. If you like those things, you should definitely check her out. Click here to visit her blog.

Without any further ado, here’s the DIY…


Step 1: Gather your Materials

For this project, you will need: 16 sheets of 6×6 card stock or thick patterned paper (I used 4 12×12 sheets of cardstock paper cut into quarters), scissors, washi tape (for binding and decorating), duct tape, a laminator and lamination sheets, adhesive (I use my ATG), patterned paper, paper scraps, decorative elements (such as, stamps, stickers, etc.) and of course… photos.

02 Materials

Step 2: Bind the Album Pages Together Using the Washi Tape

Line up two sheets of paper and use washi tape to stick them together. Repeat this with the rest of your pages until all of them are stuck together and you get what looks like a book.  (I suggest watching Lindsay’s video for a more detailed tutorial.)

0405 display

01 bindingSteps 3 & 4: Create Strong Covers and Complete the Binding

 To make an extra sturdy cover, reinforce the cover pages by laminating them before you bind them to the rest of the album. Once your covers are complete, bind them to the album using a layer of duct tape along the spine. Then decorate the spine with washi tape.

Annotated Audrey's Engagement Album

Step 5: Start Scrapbooking!

After you’ve bound the book, it’s time to work on the layouts.


Check out last week’s post for some inspiration and tips.

As always, thank you for taking the time to read this post!sign off

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