Bullet Point Review: Daiso Oil Crayons

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If you’ve never heard about Daiso before, it is a Japanese dollar store where almost everything is $1.50 (in the US). With such a low price point, they definitely have hits and misses. As such, I think it is helpful to check out some reviews before you go crazy and buy the whole store. (It can happen. Daiso is dangerous.)

Here’s a short bullet point review of my latest Daiso art supply purchase.


  • Product: Daiso Brand Oil Crayon(s)
  • Price: $1.50 @ Daiso

-Here are the three things that I liked about this product-

  • Vibrant and ColorfulEspecially on black paper, as you will see later on in this post. 
  • Super Blendable: Really easy to blend and create sketchy abstract goodness with. 
  • Great Value!: For the quality of the product, the price is really good. 

-Here are three things that  I did not like about this product-

  • Very Messy: Not really a fault of the product though… it’s more of an oil crayon thing. 
  • Hard to get fine detail: Again, a characteristic of the medium itself.
  • Layering Can Get Unpleasant– Particles tend to collect on your paper when you layer on too much product.

Here are some “paintings” I made on black paper using these oil crayons.

Overall, I think these Daiso oil crayons are pretty awesome and I would definitely recommend them if your interested in trying this medium.

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