Epic Pen Battle: Staedtler Pigment Liners Vs. Pigma Micron Pens

Hello Citizens of the Blogosphere,

If you follow me on Instagram, or any of the other places on the interwebs that I frequent, you probably already know that I’ve decided to publish my own coloring book. I absolutely adore coloring, and I firmly believe that coloring has fueled my passion for art. In fact, my first attempts to create finished line illustrations were spurred by a desire to have unique images to color. Although I’ve made a few printable coloring pages in the past, this will be my first published book (of many, I hope) and I’m quite excited about it.

feminine florals coloring book
Here’s a sneak peek of the cover design. @annotatedaudrey

How I Make My Coloring Pages

Before I create my ink illustrations, I like to start off with a pencil sketch. This is so I have room to adjust proportions and placement. After I’m happy with my sketch, I line the pencil using artist pens. When I’m sure that the ink is dry, I take my eraser and lightly erase any visible pencil marks. Sometimes erasing causes fading. If any of the lines look washed out, I go over them once again with my pen. After the initial drawing is done, I fill in the spaces with patterns and tons of detail. Each page takes several hours and tons of ink to complete, but I am typically happy with the end result.

In the process of completing the final illustrations for my coloring book, several of my art pens ran out of ink. Luckily, I was able to find some awesome pens on Amazon, which were delivered to me in two days. (Yay! Modern consumerism!)

staedtler pigment liner review by annotated audrey 4.JPG

Staedtler Pigment Liner 308

The pens I chose to purchase and consequently line the remainder of my coloring book with were the Staedtler pigment liners. I’ll be honest, I was initially drawn (hehe) to these pens because they are endorsed by Johanna Basford, the coloring book artist famous for her books The Enchanted Forest, Secret Garden, and others. Of course, there were other reasons behind the purchase, the price was pretty good, they rated well on Amazon and I’ve never tried them before. Regardless of the reason for my purchase, I needed to get back to work, so I was glad to have new pens to work with.

staedtler pigment liner review by annotated audrey 5

When I first opened the package, I just had to try each pen. The set I chose to purchase featured six line widths varying from ultra thin to thick. Since a trademark of my art style is thick black lines, my favorite pens in the set are the .5 and the  .8. Here are some of my initial scribbles. staedtler pigment liner review by annotated audrey ink swatch.jpg

Staedtler Pigment Liners Vs. Pigma Micron Pens

For this review, I wanted to change things up a bit. Since I have been using the ever popular Micron pens for years now, I thought it might be interesting to see how my new pens compared.

annotated audrey staedtler pen review.JPG

  • Round 1: Price- Both Staedtler and Micron pens are fairly affordable. For a pack of six pens, both brands charge around $11 each. (From Amazon)
  • Round 2: Ink Quality- As far as ink quality is concerned, both pens are great. They both have dark black ink that (if allowed to dry completely) is waterproof, bleed-proof, smudge-proof and fade resistant.
  • Round 3: Packaging- At this point in our relationship, I’m assuming that you are familiar with my unnatural infatuation with packaging design. (If not, read this Koi Water Color Field Sketch Travel Kit Review.) As far as packaging is concerned, the Staedtler pens definitely take the cake. Unlike the disposable chipboard and plastic surrounding the Micron pens, the Staedtler packaging is made of hard molded plastic, which actually doubles as a case.
  • Round 4: Pen Feel (This is a thing, right?)- If you are working on an intricately detailed drawing, the feel of the pen in your hand is really important. I find that when I’m working with Micron pens, they can feel a bit stiff or uncomfortable after long periods of use. In this category, I would say that I probably prefer the Staedtler pens to the Micron ones. This is mainly because I find the smooth, matte barrels of the Staedtler pens more comfortable to work with. Of course, the comfortability of a pen will greatly depend on the user.

staedtler pigment liner review by annotated audrey 2.JPG

The Winner: Staedtler Pigment Liners!

While it wasn’t a total knockout, I will say that at this point in time I do prefer the Staedtler pens to the Micron ones. Overall, I think the Staedtler pigment pens were a great value for the price. The ink is juicy and the pens are still going strong even after several detailed illustrations. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still in love with my Micron pens and will probably still continue to use and buy them because they are awesome. If you’re in the market for a pigment liner, I would highly recommend either brand.

As always, thanks so much for following my creative journey!


– P.S –

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9 thoughts on “Epic Pen Battle: Staedtler Pigment Liners Vs. Pigma Micron Pens

  1. I haven’t tried staedtler, so I can’t tell but I will try them soon. I am curious because I find uni liners and pitt pens very very good, especially the uni. I tried derwent ink marker in black and that was a huge disappointment… It dried in record time!


  2. Haven’t tried the Staedtler’s but I do own a set of the Pigma’s which I love. Thank you for the comparison, food for thought next time I purchase.


  3. I’ve been using the Staedtler ones for ages and now just bought the Microns! I was just looking for comparison and found yours! Excellent content 🙂


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