InkTober 2016: The Beginning

Hello Citizens of The Blogosphere,

My InkTober Toolkit: Micron, Zig & Staedtler Finerliners, Speedball Dip Pen & Daiso Calligraphy Ink, Various Brush pens from Daiso + whatever else I find along the way.

InkTober has begun. If you aren’t sure what InkTober is,  here’s a little PSA and of course… some art.

October has been rebranded and renamed by illustrator, Jake Parker and appropriated by artists everywhere. InkTober is a challenge to create and share one ink drawing every day in the month of October.

According to Jake’s website, he created the challenge to “improve (his) inking skills and develop positive drawing habits”. While many artists alter the challenge to fit their own personal art goals, there are some basic rules to follow.

Here are Jake’s Rules for InkTober:

  1. Make a drawing in ink (you can do a pencil under-drawing if you want).
  2. Post it online
  3. Hashtag it with #inktober and #inktober2016
  4. Repeat

And thus… October has become InkTober for the brave souls who choose to participate in this 31-day challenge. Some will give up. Some will be victorious. All will certainly stain their hands with ink at some point.

My InkTober Journey

Last year was the first year I participated in InkTober. The challenge came into my life during a time when I finally made the decision to start pursuing the things that I was passionate about. (Read my InkTober 2015 Experience.)  This year, my Inktober challenge will be all about fostering my relationship with art. My goals are to experiment, have fun and to keep the creativity flowing. My aim is not to create finished works of art that are suitable for sale, but as a working artist, I will gladly accept that outcome. Without any further ado… here are the artifacts of my InkTober 2016 journey so far.


My InkTober Drawings So Far (Oct 1-9)

Day 1: Pikachu in the Desert

Zebra brush pen and fineliners on white cardstock.


Day 2: Cactus Dancer

Fineliners, Tim Holtz Distress Stain and gel pens on white cardstock.


Day 3: Cactus Love

Dip pen and calligraphy ink (Daiso) on white cardstock.


Day 4: Sally in The Desert

Dip pen and calligraphy ink (Daiso) on white cardstock.


Day 5: Stay Sharp

Fineliner pens on white paper.


Day 6: Wonder Janet

Red and blue Pilot G2 pens, fineliners, metallic markers, sharpies and gel pens on white paper.


Day 7: Hair of Plenty

Dip pen and calligraphy ink (Daiso) on Canson Mixed Media XL paper.


Day 8: Freddie The Wren & His Cactus Friend

Dip pen and calligraphy ink (Daiso) on Canson Mixed Media XL paper.

Inktober day 8 Freddie the wren and his cactus friend.jpg

Day 9: Mr. Bunny Ears

Micron fineliners on white cardstock.


If you want to see my daily InkTober drawings, you can follow me on Instagram.

Are you participating in InkTober this year? I’d love to check out your work. Comment down below with a link to where you are posting your daily ink drawings and I’ll check them out.

Thanks so much for following my creative journey.

XO, Audrey


If you’d like to support my art and content, you can purchase my artwork from my online shop.




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