Behind the Scenes: Annotated Audrey Art Shop

Hello Citizens of the Blogosphere,

Big news! We’ve finally launched our brand new online store. In this post, I’ll share a bit of information about each of the products we are offering in the store, along with some insight into how they are made.

Art Prints 

I couldn’t talk about art prints without mentioning my business partner (and partner IRL), Larry. There’s a lot that goes into translating an original piece of art into a print. Larry processes each piece to ensure that it is print ready. This includes scanning (or photographing), digital color correction and general clean up. We use UV resistant inks on archival quality matte photo paper. Each print is signed and packaged individually (usually by me) in an acid-free cellophane sleeve with a card backer featuring information about me and a signed certificate of authenticity. (Prices: $8 for 5×7, $12 for 8×10 and $20 for 11 x 14)

Cassi Redux by Audrey De La Cruz | Annotated Audrey Art
Cassi Redux Art Print by Audrey De La Cruz | Annotated Audrey


If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you probably already know that I’m crazy about cards. I love designing them, making them and sending them. Each colorful card is hand-folded and features a glossy, UV-resistant photo print of my artwork. Cards are blank inside, come with an envelope and are sealed in an acid-free cellophane sleeve. (Cards are $3 each.)

Cards by Audrey De La Cruz | Annotated Audrey Art
Cards by Audrey De La Cruz | Annotated Audrey Art


Of course, I am offering the products that started it all… my coloring books. Both coloring books contain 50 of my original illustrations. Feminine Florals features lovely feminine portraits and floral patterns. Desert Dames and Doodles features fierce females, desert plants, and animals. (Coloring books are $12 each)


Pin Back Buttons, Magnets and Pocket Mirrors

Most of our button and mirror designs are collaborative. The pocket mirror pictured below is one of our best sellers and it is a great example of how Larry and I collaborate to create art together. Larry created the mountain in the background digitally and I created the original watercolor cacti that he layered on top. After buttons are designed, they are cut using a special circle cutter and then hand pressed (usually by me) using one of our two button machines. (Stay tuned for future posts about pin back buttons.) (Prices range from $1 – $5.)


Hand Painted Signs

Using acrylic paint, paint pens and markers, I turn ordinary wood slices into bright and delightful decor for your home, garden, or office. Each completed sign is varnished to protect the art. (Prices range from $10 -$20.)

Desert Vibes (Aqua) by Audrey De La Cruz | Annotated Audrey
Desert Vibes (Aqua) by Audrey De La Cruz | Annotated Audrey Art

Original Art

Slowly, but surely, I am starting to offer my original artwork. Currently, I have a few small paintings and illustrations up in the shop, but in the future… I hope to offer larger paintings as well.  (Prices range from $30-$60).

SUCCULENT FRIDA by Audrey De La Cruz | Annotated Audrey Art
SUCCULENT FRIDA by Audrey De La Cruz | Annotated Audrey Art

So… those are all the things that we have available in the shop at the moment.  I hope you enjoyed this behind the scenes look at what goes into our products.  If you’d like to receive email notifications about shop updates, coupon codes and other artsy goodness, sign up for my newsletter.

Ready to shop? You can shop now by visiting Use the coupon code ANNOTATEDBLOG to get 10% off your entire purchase.

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