Why I Love Tucson

Hello Citizens of the Blogosphere,

When I first moved to Tucson, I actually didn’t love it. I appreciated the beauty of the nature around me, and the slower pace… but it was so different from what I was used to (in Los Angeles) that it was hard for me to adapt.

Arizona x California by @annotatedaudrey

I was lonely because I moved away from my family. It was much hotter than I was used to (we moved here just before summer started) and the monsoons were downright freaky. Perhaps the scariest part of all was that I felt lost after quitting my job (it was actually a full-time career position with a decent annual salary and benefits). I often wondered if I had made the right choice moving away from everything I knew to bravely (or stupidly) start a new chapter of my life without much of a roadmap. 🌺


We moved to Tucson to pursue a different kind of life. A life that would free us from a stressful & monotonous existence and from the boring people we were becoming. We were searching for a change so drastic, that it could return us to who we were when we first met in college. A time before we turned into “adults”. A time when opportunity and freedom were so ubiquitous that we took it for granted.
Over time, I began to adapt to my new life and slowly, I fell in love with my new home. I figured out ways to deal with the intense weather and appreciate it for its uniqueness. I learned how to keep in touch with my loved ones and to cherish the time that I spent with them. I began to pursue hobbies that I once loved and turn them into a meaningful & fulfilling career.

Pink Tucson by @annotatedaudrey


There are so many things to love about Tucson. Most notably, the breathtaking views, the fabulous local events, the true spirit of kindness and the thriving small business/maker community. Above all, I love where I live because it has allowed me to become who I always wanted to be… a little bit more like myself.

Thanks so much for supporting my art and for following my creative journey!

For updates and pictures of new art, be sure to follow me on Instagram @annotatedaudrey


Have a marvelous day!

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