Desert Dames and Doodles Coloring Book

Desert Dames and Doodles Coloring Book


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In the spring of 2016, I moved from Los Angeles, California to Tucson, Arizona. While I lived in Los Angeles, my daily life was often composed of a collection of faces, buildings, vehicles, and streets. While beautiful in its own right, my tiny place in the city lacked the natural surroundings that I craved to fuel my art. After moving to the desert, I began to feel inspired by the flora and fauna that surrounded me.

When I looked outside my window, I saw birds, small mammals, cacti, and succulents of all varieties. Over time, I found myself incorporating more and more desert imagery into my art. The first desert dame that I created was a pencil piece that I entitled, Desert Dweller. This piece captured the spirit of discovery and exploration that I felt when I first moved to the desert. Desert Dames and Doodles is an extension of that sentiment. These illustrations are inspired by the lush and majestic landscape of the Sonoran Desert and by the fascinating creatures that inhabit it. 

Product Details: 

Relax and get your creative juices flowing with this beautiful collection of illustrations inspired by the Sonoran Desert. This book contains 50 unique illustrations by artist, Audrey De La Cruz (Annotated Audrey). Discover the lush landscape and fascinating inhabitants of the desert in this one of a kind creative adventure. 

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